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Abnormalities with the veins system can impact your circulatory health and may risk your heart. The Cardiovascular Consultants of The Woodlands offer a complete set of diagnostic and treatment services for vein-related issues. Our vein clinic in The Woodlands can address various venous issues to improve your well-being. For expert consultation, schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Van Nguyen today and get the best care you require.

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    Vein Conditions

    Ankle Discoloration

    If the veins in the legs are unable to function properly, it may cause fluid and blood leakage into the surrounding tissues, resulting in inflammation and skin discoloration. Our professionals can treat it with conservative therapy, medications, or surgery.

    Leg Pain

    Pain in the legs can occur due to various reasons, some of which may include abnormalities associated with the leg veins. Examples of some conditions include varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and superficial thrombophlebitis. Our cardiologist will determine a treatment plan based on the cause and severity of your disease.

    Leg Swelling

    Leg swelling can also occur as a consequence of vein-related conditions. The blood or fluid pools in your legs, leading to persistent swelling. Examples include chronic venous insufficiency, deep vein thrombosis, and lymphedema. Leg swelling can often be managed with compression stockings, massage therapy, and physiotherapy. In severe cases, surgery may be the last option.


    In this condition, impaired lymph drainage from the vessels leads to fluid accumulation in the tissues. In most cases, the fluid starts pooling in the legs, but it can affect any part of the body. Our specialists recommend treatment with conservative options and lifestyle modifications. However, if the swelling is too severe, we may suggest surgery.

    Questions About Vein Clinic?

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    It is a neurological condition that can make you feel an irresistible urge to move your legs, usually at night. RLS can be associated with varicose veins or other vein-related conditions. It can improve with the use of medications and adopting certain lifestyle changes. Getting treatment for varicose veins can also improve this condition.


    It is a minimally invasive technique in which our specialist injects a special solution into the diseased veins. It causes the veins to collapse, shrink, or fade away. With this procedure, we can successfully treat varicose veins or spider veins. The procedure is simple but may require multiple sessions for effective results.

    Spider Veins

    These are minute red or blue veins that become visible on the skin surface. Their configuration resembles a spider web, hence the name. Although they are mostly harmless, they may cause cosmetic concerns or mild discomfort. We may recommend sclerotherapy or laser therapy as a treatment option.

    Varicose Veins

    These are enlarged, bulged, or twisted veins that appear close to the skin surface. Varicose veins may be asymptomatic, but in several cases, they cause aching, cramping, or throbbing pain in the legs. We can remove varicose veins and improve your health with sclerotherapy, endovenous ablation, compression therapy, or surgery.

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    Trusted Cardiologist In The Woodlands

    My visit with Dr. Nguyen was very pleasant and thorough, i could care less about wait time and more about the time he spends with EACH one of us. He LISTENS and he provides great care! The office staff is so nice!
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Ricardo Manila

    New office is wonderful. Professional and helpful staff. Dr. Nguyen has a tremendous following because he listens, asks questions and is smart as a whip. I daresay that is by far the best Cardiologist in North Houston.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Robert Barrett

    100% the best cardiologist in The Woodlands!! I recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs a new doctor!! He and his staff are amazing !! You will not be disappointed.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Alissa Kennedy

    Dr Rameni and his staff are wonderful, efficient and very knowledgeable. I've never experienced any long waits and visits are never drawn out. I'm grateful my wife found this place.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Amos Fletcher

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