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Your heart is what keeps you alive; any issues related to it can put your precious life in danger. Luckily, our cardiologist, Dr. Christopher Van Nguyen, at Cardiovascular Consultants of The Woodlands, has been reviving the cardiac health of countless patients during his 10+ years of practice in Greater Houston. Our pacemaker insertion in The Woodlands, TX, offers stability to irregular heart rhythms and prevents cardiac problems from throwing your life off balance.

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    When Should You Come to Us?

    Sharing your cardiac health concerns or symptoms with us is the first stage to acknowledging if your issue requires our pacemaker insertion service in The Woodlands, TX. Various other symptoms we consider addressing are:

    • Angina.
    • Running short on breath during hours of activity.
    • Unknown confusion.
    • Extreme fatigue, nausea, unconsciousness due to unknown cause.
    • Swelling in your abdomen, ankles, or legs.
    • Urge to urinate multiple times during bedtime.
    • Bradycardia: where your heart rate is as slow as less than 60 beats per minute.
    • Tachycardia: Heart rate as fast as above 100 beats per minute.
    • Arrhythmia: Your heart either beats extra or misses a beat in between.
    • Heart palpitations: When your heart beats strangely. Commonly referred to as heart-pounding or flip-flopping.

    Questions About Pacemaker Insertion?

    Potential Risks Associated with Pacemaker Insertion

    This invasive procedure includes some potential risks, such as:

    • Heavy bleeding from incision
    • Harmed vessel catheter insertion area
    • Infection in incision
    • Your lung near the catheter site can be punctured due to surgery, resulting in air leakage. This leaked air can get trapped within the chest wall (pleural space) to trigger breathing issues. This condition is called pneumothorax. At worst, your affected lung can collapse due to this.

    Invasive cardiac procedures are sensitive. At our facility in The Woodlands, TX, our pacemaker insertion procedure is performed under skilled supervision, a controlled environment, and extreme care to minimize these possible risks.

    People’s Reactions

    Trusted Cardiologist In The Woodlands

    My visit with Dr. Nguyen was very pleasant and thorough, i could care less about wait time and more about the time he spends with EACH one of us. He LISTENS and he provides great care! The office staff is so nice!
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Ricardo Manila

    New office is wonderful. Professional and helpful staff. Dr. Nguyen has a tremendous following because he listens, asks questions and is smart as a whip. I daresay that is by far the best Cardiologist in North Houston.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Robert Barrett

    100% the best cardiologist in The Woodlands!! I recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs a new doctor!! He and his staff are amazing !! You will not be disappointed.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Alissa Kennedy

    Dr Rameni and his staff are wonderful, efficient and very knowledgeable. I've never experienced any long waits and visits are never drawn out. I'm grateful my wife found this place.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Amos Fletcher

    Get the Best Possible Cardiac Health Every Heart Deserves

    We know that cardiac issues that trigger the need for a pacemaker can evoke stress, fear, and anxiety. We at Cardiovascular Consultants of The Woodlands will attentively listen to your concerns and provide a suitable solution, like pacemaker insertion in The Woodlands, TX. Dial (832) 334-7756 to book a consultation or appointment.

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