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Nuclear Stress Test In The Woodlands, TX

A nuclear stress test as compared to an EKG provides a fuller picture to your healthcare provider in two stages, those are when you are resting and after exercise. To carry out nuclear stress testing in The Woodlands, TX, Dr. Christopher Van Nguyen at the Cardiovascular Consultants of The Woodlands injects a tiny amount of radioactive substance to mix with your bloodstream. Then let a unique camera capture the images of your blood flow in and around the heart.

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    Nuclear Stress Test

    Kinds of Nuclear Stress Testing We Offer at Our Facility

    We can use two imaging technologies (PET or SPECT) for the same nuclear stress testing based on your conditions. Our nuclear stress testing is further classified as:

    • Exercise Stress Test: Here, you engage in physical activity such as running on a treadmill to boost your blood flow to the heart and meet a required heart rate.
    • Pharmacologic Stress Test: For patients who are unable to exercise, a pharmacologic stress test is performed where they are given medications to increase their blood flow to the heart.

    Questions About Nuclear Stress Test?

    Difference Between Our Exercise Stress Test and Nuclear Stress Test

    Our routine exercise stress test and nuclear stress testing execution in The Woodlands, TX, are similar. They both evaluate the electrical activity of a patient’s heart with the help of an EKG (Electrocardiogram). However, nuclear stress testing provides more comprehensive data.

    An exercise test only provides an EKG before and after exercising while nuclear stress testing provides clear images of your heart before and after the physical activity with the help of a camera injected in your veins.

    Our Suggestion for Risks Associated with Nuclear Stress Testing

    No significant amount of risks is linked with nuclear stress testing, one in 5,000 people can experience side effects like:

    • Arrhythmia
    • Chest pain
    • Low BP
    • Heart attack.

    Whether you experience any after-effects or not, we recommend drinking a lot of fluids right after the procedure to flush the radioactive substance (tracer) out of your system as soon as feasible. In The Woodlands, TX, our nuclear stress testing requires a bit of radioactive exposure, which can be dangerous if given in frequent or larger doses.

    People’s Reactions

    Trusted Cardiologist In The Woodlands

    My visit with Dr. Nguyen was very pleasant and thorough, i could care less about wait time and more about the time he spends with EACH one of us. He LISTENS and he provides great care! The office staff is so nice!
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Ricardo Manila

    New office is wonderful. Professional and helpful staff. Dr. Nguyen has a tremendous following because he listens, asks questions and is smart as a whip. I daresay that is by far the best Cardiologist in North Houston.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Robert Barrett

    100% the best cardiologist in The Woodlands!! I recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs a new doctor!! He and his staff are amazing !! You will not be disappointed.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Alissa Kennedy

    Dr Rameni and his staff are wonderful, efficient and very knowledgeable. I've never experienced any long waits and visits are never drawn out. I'm grateful my wife found this place.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Amos Fletcher

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    Results from a nuclear stress test in the Woodlands are a significant way to diagnose conditions like coronary heart disease. We at Cardiovascular Consultants of The Woodlands combine our expertise and test results to plan a complete post-diagnose treatment strategy in case of a negative outcome.

    If you are already struggling with a heart condition, give us a call at (832) 334-7756 to book a consultation.

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