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Exercise Stress Test In The Woodlands, TX

Your heart performs its best during activities like running a treadmill or pedaling a bicycle, while your body is hooked up with an EKG. If it does not respond well, you are at risk of developing a heart condition. Dr. Christopher Van Nguyen at Cardiovascular Consultants of The Woodlands can help you prevent it with his experience of 10+ years, he is well-versed in performing an in-depth diagnosis with your exercise stress test in The Woodlands, TX.

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    Exercise Stress Test

    What Do We Intend to Find Out with Your Exercise Stress Test?

    In a heart stress test our goal is to record the response of your heart by intentionally making it work hard through physical activities such as running, workouts, etc. In case you cannot exercise, medications are given intravenously to boost your heartbeat. Once your heart starts responding under pressure. We evaluate this response to determine:

    • Heart rate
    • Blood pressure
    • Comparing your heart activity with other people of your age and sex
    • Electrical activity of the heart
    • Oxygen levels

    Our Exercise stress test performed in The Woodlands, TX, gives profound insights into heart problems so we can further identify if you need more invasive tests to verify our diagnosis.

    Questions About Exercise Stress Test?

    Eligibility Criteria for Exercise Stress Test in Our Practice

    Our cardiologist might not allow you to take stress tests or routine stress tests to prevent your budget from stretching. We further take your entire health into account to decide which test is appropriate for you. This analysis includes:

    • Genetics
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Medical history
    • Lifestyle
    • Risky conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

    In The Woodlands, TX our exercise stress test is performed only if your overall health does not indicate any risky conditions. If you do, feel free to consult expert guidance from our Cardiologist.

    Our Response to Your Negative Exercise Stress Test Results

    In case you receive negative outcomes from your exercise stress test, it’s a sign of heart disease. If it’s a mild problem our cardiologist can suggest a lifestyle change such as quitting smoking, joining a weight loss program, or religiously taking medications to prevent your condition from worsening.

    If your abnormalities influence larger heart tissues, tests like Cardiac catheterization, nuclear stress test, stress echocardiogram, etc. Rest assured, no matter what your results are, you will be in safe hands if you adhere to our doctor’s guidelines.

    People’s Reactions

    Trusted Cardiologist In The Woodlands

    My visit with Dr. Nguyen was very pleasant and thorough, i could care less about wait time and more about the time he spends with EACH one of us. He LISTENS and he provides great care! The office staff is so nice!
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Ricardo Manila

    New office is wonderful. Professional and helpful staff. Dr. Nguyen has a tremendous following because he listens, asks questions and is smart as a whip. I daresay that is by far the best Cardiologist in North Houston.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Robert Barrett

    100% the best cardiologist in The Woodlands!! I recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs a new doctor!! He and his staff are amazing !! You will not be disappointed.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Alissa Kennedy

    Dr Rameni and his staff are wonderful, efficient and very knowledgeable. I've never experienced any long waits and visits are never drawn out. I'm grateful my wife found this place.
    Ricardo Manila

    ~ Amos Fletcher

    Looking Forward to Making an Appointment?

    Whether you already have a cardiac condition or you have a tendency to develop one in the future. Prevent it by reaching out to our skilled cardiologist at Cardiovascular Consultants of The Woodlands, where you will be guided on whether an exercise stress test in The Woodlands, TX, or some other test will be suitable for you. Call us at (832) 334-7756 for an appointment.

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