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What You Need To Know About Silent Strokes?

Mar 30, 202418 Views

Discovering you've had a stroke without even realizing it can be quite alarming. Silent strokes can sneak up on you with symptoms that are easy to miss, especially if you're not familiar with what to watch for.

8 Essential Heart Health Tips For Women

Mar 15, 202451 Views

Heart disease is a significant concern for women, affecting more than one in three women and ranking as the leading cause of female deaths. Despite its prevalence, there are crucial aspects of heart health that every woman should understand.

Does Dehydration Cause Heart Palpitations?

Feb 29, 202461 Views

Your heart is, by default, the most important organ of your body. As long as it beats, you’re alive. However, if you skip a beat or it beats a little too fast, all alarm bells go off in your head, signaling a warning.

Why Do I Keep Waking Up With Chest Pain

Feb 15, 202467 Views

Waking up with chest pain can cause alarm bells to go off in your head as you start thinking of all the reasons that might be causing the pain. But chest pain doesn’t always equate to something serious, even though it is a symptom that often sends people into a state of panic. That is why, in this blog, we will break down everything you need to know about chest pain, which includes how to differentiate between serious and non-serious causes and its different treatment options.

Can You Feel Tired Because of High Blood Pressure?

Jan 15, 202487 Views

It’s completely normal to get hit with a sudden spell of exhaustion every now and then, but what if that tired feeling isn't just a result of a long day or lack of sleep? Oftentimes, people who frequently get hit by overwhelming fatigue have an underlying case of high blood pressure. To learn the intricate connection between the two, make sure to keep on reading this blog.

7 Things Not To Do Before A Stress Test

Dec 15, 202372 Views

Preparing for a stress test can bring an onset of nervousness. After all, it’s about your heart health; it can’t be taken lightly. So, if your cardiologist scheduled you for a stress test

5 Severe Heart Conditions That Require A Pacemaker

Nov 15, 2023135 Views

There's no doubt that your heart is one of the most important organs in your body. After all, it’s what keeps you alive. Yet, sometimes, the heart needs a little extra support. This is where pacemakers come into the picture.


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