7 Things Not To Do Before A Stress Test

Preparing for a stress test can bring an onset of nervousness. After all, it’s about your heart health; it can’t be taken lightly. So, if your cardiologist scheduled you for a stress test, but you are confused about what to do and what not to do before the test, keep reading this blog.

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    What is a Stress Test?

    A stress test, also known as an exercise test, a treadmill test, or a cardiac stress test, is an exam conducted to check one’s cardiovascular health. It is used to evaluate the performance and endurance of the patient’s heart.

    During the test, the patient is asked to run on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike. This helps to gauge how their heart pumps. A stress test also calculates your heart rate, blood pressure, and electrocardiogram (ECG). The purpose of the exam is to induce a reaction from the body.

    By purposely setting up scenarios that require physical exertion, the heart’s responses are noted and recorded. Doing so helps detect underlying issues such as coronary artery disease CAD) and heart arrhythmia with more efficiency than other intrusive tests.

    Questions About 7 Things Not To Do Before A Stress Test?

    What NOT to do Before a Stress Test?

    Usually, the cardiologist provides a list of DOs and DONTs before the stress test. Dr. Christopher Van Nguyen takes his time to thoroughly explain the procedure to his patients, making sure they understand each and every step. He details every precaution and preventative measure beforehand so you’re all prepared for the stress test.

    However, sometimes, patients end up making a mistake and don’t follow the instructions to a T. This can mess with the reading and produce improper results. Thus, to ensure that your stress test goes well, do not do the following activities at least 24 hours before the exam.

    1. Don’t Eat Before the Test
      Just like a blood sugar test, stress tests require hours of fasting. You need to be on an empty stomach to get a good reading of your heart. Avoid eating at least 12 hours before the exam.
    2. No Caffeine
      While caffeine gives you an energy boost, it also shakes your heart rate. The purpose is to have zero caffeine in your bloodstream for 24 hours before the test, be it coffee, tea, or even energy drinks.
    3. Stay Away from Drugs
      Whether it’s over-the-counter pain relievers or another recreational drug, avoid consuming anything that might mess with the stress test’s results.
    4. Do Not Smoke
      Tobacco is extremely dangerous for your health. Whether you smoke cigarettes or vape, it can have awful effects on your heart.
    5. Avoid Using Beta-Blockers
      Beta-blockers and inhalers for asthma are also to be avoided. However, if you have severe asthma, talk to your cardiologist and let them know.
    6. Don’t Consume Any Alcohol
      Alcohol tends to distort your cognitive function and impair memory. Not to mention, it is awful for your heart. Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours before the test.
    7. Don’t Eat Anything Sweet
      Sweet chewing gum, mint, or any other type of confectionery item is also a big no-no when it comes to things you should avoid before a stress test.
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    What’s The Takeaway?

    To sum it up, you are not supposed to eat anything solid before the stress test, nor are you supposed to smoke, drink alcohol, or consume any drugs. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nguyen, contact Cardiovascular Consultants of The Woodlands at (832) 334-7756.


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